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A Worldwide Bestseller; or, What an Invisible String can do…

April 11, 2017 by Erzsi Deak

THE LITTLE BOOK THAT COULD: Patrice Karst’s THE INVISIBLE STRING Connecting the World one Reader at a Time

Patrice Karst is new to the Coop (welcome, Patrice!) and with her comes her picture book, THE INVISIBLE STRING, which continues to connect people and to climb the sales charts. Scholastic Clubs just shared this bit of news: THE INVISIBLE STRING is a bestseller, a worldwide bestseller for the Club. We are pleased to be taking THE INVISIBLE STRING into new markets and look forward to hearing of international interest and seeing THE INVISIBLE STRING (now translated into English and Hungarian; and available in China) in the hands and hearts of readers of every size everywhere.

Patrice Karst’s THE INVISIBILE STRING, a story about dealing with separation and staying connected, is now a worldwide bestseller, says Scholastic Clubs!