Hen&ink Coop: April Halprin Wayland

About April Halprin Wayland

April Halprin Wayland is the author of a novel in poems, poetry and picture books, including More Than Enough—a Passover Story (Dial) which has been praised by the New York Times, Kirkus, and Publishers Weekly; the gold medal-winning picture book, New Year at the Pier (Dial), and the award-winning novel in poems, Girl Coming in for a Landing (Knopf). She was named UCLA Extension Writer’s Program Outstanding Instructor of the Year, where she has been teaching since 1999. When she is not writing, April plays the fiddle, hikes with her dog, and helps change the world, one email at a time. She can be reached at www.AprilWayland.com and blogs with www.TeachingAuthors.com. Her tagline? 1/2 author, 1/2 poet, 1/2 not good at fractions.

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