Hen&ink Coop: Chris Rogge

About Chris Rogge

Chris has been drawn to creating his whole life. From art class in school to a Communication Design degree from Texas State University, creating visual stories has always been ingrained in Chris’s DNA.

Chris has worked with clients such as the New York Times, Charles Scwhab, CBRE Real Estate, BHP Billiton, The University of New Mexico, MOO Printing Company and many more. He has illustrated murals as long as football fields, coloring books, posters, beer cans and everything in between.

He currently hangs his hat in Austin, TX with his wife Danielle, new son Beckett and two dogs. By day he’s the Creative Director for Favor Delivery, an app based in Texas, and at night he does design & illustration.

Get in touch:

Homepage: www.roggedesign.net