Hen&ink Coop: Helen Maffini

About Helen Maffini

Dr. Helen Maffni is a Canadian/British international educator, author and consultant who has worked around the world. A former School Principal and Teacher, Helen is a certified emotional intelligence trainer, mindfulness trainer and positivity psychology leader. Her doctoral research focused on preschool mindfulness and its influence on childhood wellbeing. Her life’s mission is to improve the lives of children by working in the area of social and emotional learning and wellness.


Helen is the co-author of the book Developing Children’s Emotional Intelligence and the children’s book Sammy’s Next Move. She created the MindBE Curriculum, a certified training course and the Thrive Parenting Course. She leads summits every year working with various thought leaders.


Helen has been involved in preschool television consulting, working on national educational reform projects in Asia and the Middle East, opening national and international schools in multiple countries, created curriculum in numerous areas and been a speaker at many international conferences.







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