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About Judith Henderson

Judith Henderson is a creator of children’s content. As well as being a children’s book author, she is an Emmy Award winning composer, illustrator, and children’s TV producer.

Judith started in advertising as a copywriter and wrote jingles for over 600 North American campaigns.

She is the author of the three-book series, BIG WORDS SMALL STORIES, illustrated by T.L. McBethThe Missing Donut, (released fall 2018 ), The Travelling Dustball, (spring 2019) and Smell The Daisies. (fall 2019) The series is currently in production as an animated TV show and is scheduled for broadcast fall 2021 in Canada, the UK and Australia.

Judith has three other titles. AAAlligator!, which was just released fall 2020, illustrated by Andrea Stegmaier, This is a Dog Book! coming out Spring 2021, illustrated by Julien Chung, and Dee and Apostrofee  illustrated O’Hara Hale (Fall 2021).


Judith loves skiing, donuts and dogs. She likes more stuff, but that will do for now.




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Homepage: www.judebox.com

Titles by Judith Henderson

This is a Dog Book!

Kids Can Press

(June 2021)

Dee and Apostrofee

Kids Can Press

(Oct 2021)


Kids Can Press

(Oct 06 2020)

Smell The Daisies

Kids Can Press

(Sept 2019)

The Travelling Dustball

Kids Can Press

(June 2019)

The Missing Donut

Kids Can Press

(October 2018)