Hen&ink Coop: Sara Jane Boyers

About Sara Jane Boyers

A California-based writer/editor/ internationally exhibiting fine art photographer, Sara is returning to the world of youth publication with a series of photo-illustrated book projects. Her focus has been on the arts with a bit of social activism thrown in, starting with the award-winning LIFE DOESN’T FRIGHTEN ME, now celebrating 25 years in publication with a new updated edition, and in which she married Jean-Michel Basquiat’s expressive artwork to Dr. Maya Angelou’s stirring l978 poem; a PW “Best Book of the Year,” AIGA “Best Designed Book, and most recently called a “contemporary classic.” O BEAUTIFUL FOR SPACIOUS SKIES, created a “conversation” between Wayne Thiebaud’s paintings and our unofficial American hymn written by one of its first suffragettes, Katharine Lee Bates. TEEN POWER POLITICS: MAKE YOURSELF HEARD won awards for its in-your-face, non-partisan issue-oriented perspective on civics for teens.

Titles by Sara Jane Boyers

Life Doesn't Frighten Me, 25th Anniversary Edition

Abrams Books


Life Doesn't Frighten Me

Stewart, Tabori & Chang


O Beautiful for Spacious Skies

Chronicle Books


Teen Power Politics: Make Yourself Heard

Millbrook Press