Hen&ink Coop: Shelley Jones Clark

About Shelley Jones Clark

Shelley is a doctor by day and writer by night, or visa-versa. She lives in Iowa (but not on a corn farm) with her husband, Bob. She has three beautiful children who tolerate her quirks. Writing is her lifelong passion. Shelley won her first writing award at age ten:  the coveted Creep of the Week from the Creature Feature television series for her short story, The Green Slime. She writes everything from love poems to medical essays, but her main focus for many years has been on middle grade novels and picture books (because apparently, she never grew up). She holds an MFA in writing for children from Hamline University.  

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Email: shelleyajones@mchsi.com 

Facebook: www.facebook.com/shelley.jones.969 

Twitter: @shelleyaclark 

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