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It’s that Iconic Holiday Hen Time of Year…

November 8, 2017 by Erzsi Deak

The Iconic Holiday Hen Contest is Upon Us: Deadline 15 November to 1 December 2017

Illustrators are invited to interpret / feature the Hen&ink logo in an Iconic Holiday Hen holiday greeting.

Yes, it’s all about the holidays and winter-into-spring (we are hopeful here at the Coop, where the mistral blows mightily and the skies gray as if to snow — and it is not yet officially winter!); better days in the New Year; love and friendship; hope.  That sort of Holiday thing. 

The winning Iconic Holiday Hen will go out into the world as the Holiday “face” of Hen&ink Literary Studio. The winner will receive a picture book review and a be considered for representation by Hen&ink Literary Studio.

Details: Please check-out the earlier Iconic Holiday Hens on this page for what we’ve loved in past years. For the record, we are always looking for heart and smart humor, but mostly non-saccharine heart in any work we consider. 

Deadline: 15 November to 1 December 2017 wherever you are. 

What to submit: Please send your signed illustration and a separate short bio with any social media references to: submissions [a t] henandink.com 

NOTE: Please sign your work.

Many thanks to all the artists who have participated and will participate in the Iconic Holiday Hen contest. YOU make this contest possible!

May the clucking commence!

— Erzsi & the Hen&ink Coop

Iconic Holiday Hen 2016-17 by
Chantal Bourgonje
Iconic Holiday Hen 2014-15 by Julie Rowan-Zoch





Iconic Holiday Hen 2013-14 by Sue Frye
Iconic Holiday Hen 2012-13
Iconic Holiday Hens 2011-12