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May 16, 2018 by Erzsi Deak

DELIVERY BEAR at your service!

Zogby wants to work for Fluffy Tail Cookies as a delivery animal—but he’s a bear and all the other animals are cute bunnies. Zogby tries to pretend to be a bunny by wearing bunny ears, putting on whiskers, and adding a fluffy tail. But he still scares the customers! When Zogby realizes being himself is best, can he find a way to stand out and get the job?

Zogby, the Delivery Bear in Laura Gehl’s new picture book aptly titled, DELIVERY BEAR (Albert Whitman, September 2018), shares his special delivery song 1 and song 2 while you wait for your copy to arrive (pre-orders unabashedly encouraged).

Thanks to David Smolar for helping Zogby (and Laura Gehl) bring these songs to life.