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Open Coop Day is Coming…

January 27, 2019 by Erzsi Deak

But first a story.

Kids Can Press publishes A VOICE FOR THE SPIRIT BEARS, written by Hen&ink’s Carmen Oliver and illustrated by Katy Dockrill, on 7 May 2019.

Carmen Oliver and I met at the SCBWI Summer Conference in Los Angeles some eight years ago over a manuscript. On the terrace not so far from the pool and the hot tub (those were the days), we discussed her project about a boy who found his voice and helped save the spirit bears. I loved the idea of this boy overcoming obstacles — both physical, emotional, and governmental — to protect these rare animals. We parted ways looking forward to continuing the discussion. After a number of revisions, we agreed to work together in 2012. That book, the one that brought Carmen and me together, is A VOICE FOR THE SPIRIT BEARS: HOW ONE BOY INSPIRED MILLIONS TO SAVE A RARE ANIMAL. We are thrilled that Kids Can Press embraced this story and is publishing it with Katy Dockrill’s illustrations. Look for A VOICE FOR THE SPIRIT BEARS: HOW ONE BOY INSPIRED MILLIONS TO SAVE A RARE ANIMAL on 7 May 2019 at bookstores everywhere.

But, why am I mentioning that under the heading of Open Coop Day?

Many of the books we’ve seen published came through Open Coop Day.

Or why this one above?

Open Coop Day is 5 February 2019

Ideally, it’s to motivate you to write good books and to send us your polished MG & YA projects this Open Coop Day: 5 February 2019 wherever you are.

The Coop will be open for 24 hours for “mostly contemporary”* dynamic and voice-y middle-grade and YA novels and mind-blowing nonfiction concepts/projects.

Illustrators: We would love for you to send links to your “award-winning” portfolios (12-15 pieces).

*A dash of magic is fine, but please no high fantasy or picture books at this time.

For more about what we’re looking for (and what we’re not looking for), please visit the submissions page.

Here’s how and where to submit: http://QueryMe.online/1349/OpenCoopDay

We look forward to reading your work!