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The Next Open Coop First Friday is THIS FRIDAY, 4 March 2016: Noon to Midnight PST for middle-grade and illustrations

February 29, 2016 by Erzsi Deak

P.S. The call to the wild this month is for VOICE-Y middle-grade that will become classics (that’s all) and VOICE-Y illustrations that feature a character “driving” the story; looser lines and sophisticatedly-simple use of color appreciated. Smart child-friendly humor is always a plus. And finally, SURPRISE ME!

What we want to see: 

> More smart contemporary middle-grade humor that is also heartfelt (i.e., not bathroom humor and “easy” humor): Send 5 pages + log line and one-page (max) synopsis.
> Illustrations: Illustrators, please send send links.
> Illustrated middle-grade welcome as well.

What we don’t want to see at this time:
Everything else, including rhyme and verse

Please visit our SUBMISSIONS page to see what we love (hint: recently read and adored in the middle-grade category, THE EXTINCTS and GERTIE’S LEAP TO GREATNESS)

send your polished prose, log line, one-page-synopsis and finished illustration (links) to:
submissions A T  henandink.com  

No rotten eggs, please: Anything of another genre or anything received outside of the Open Coop Day and time-frame and formatted so it’s impossible to read (we are talking we need 12 pt type double-spaced), will be deleted. Sorry, it’s about survival.

Stay tuned via henandink.com, Facebook, and Twitter for updates and more details. One submission per person, please.

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