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Fresh-picked Illustration with the Coop’s Amy Huntington

August 11, 2017 by Erzsi Deak

Write The Book podcast interviews our Amy Huntington, a watercolorist who’s not concerned about staying in the lines. https://writethebook.podbean.com/e/amy-huntington-interview-467-8717-b/

Highlights: Her current favorite tool (after her fountain pen) is her watercolor pencil. And then PhotoShop. As the interviewer notes, there’s a lot of diversity in her stories, which reflects Amy’s desire to be able to show all kids [at the schools she visits] themselves in her books. Surround yourself with people illustrating and writing children’s books — her group of 4 illustrator-authors is invaluable! 

Here’s a selection of her work from her blog. Enjoy! https://amyhuntington.wordpress.com/

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