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Whitney Stewart’s BIG SKY MIND spotlight in Marie Claire Italy!

March 25, 2015 by Erzsi Deak

We’re excited to share that Marie Claire Italy magazine will spotlight Whitney Stewart’s BIG SKY MIND (Windy Hollow, Australia) in it’s 16 April 2015 issue!

BIG SKY MIND: Everyone including Anderson Cooper is talking Mindfulness. Lucky for Hen&ink we have a book that’s all-the-rage for kids on the subject of Mindfulness, BIG SKY MIND by Whitney Stewart with illustrations by Sally Rippin. World rights are available for BIG SKY MIND and Stewart’s workshops are so successful that kids are clamoring for more mindfulness workshops! You can check-out her mindfulness workshops and resources at here at http://whitneystewart.com/ and here:  http://www.thebookingbiz.com/whitney-stewart/

Stewart is working on a teen mindfulness book, which we hope to have for Frankfurt, so watch this space!

Rights sold: Australia, US